Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2012 Language Packs Download

Last Modified Monday, February 16, 2015
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Translation Strategy for Sure Step: focus on Customer Facing Deliverables. Customer Facing Deliverables are translations of documents and presentations designed for use in front of a customer. Some Sure Step Methodology pages have been retained from previous translations. Where a translation is not available, English content will be displayed.

NOTE Only content created or updated prior to January 2010 is translated.

All language packs are compatible with the latest release of Sure Step 2012. More than one language option can be installed. You can easily switch between language views using the Sure Step Preferences page. See the User Guide for more details on this step.

Installation Instructions

All language packs may be downloaded from this page. Additionally, with Sure Step 2012 installed, you will be able to install the latest Sure Step language packs automatically from within Sure Step by going to the Preferences tab and clicking on ‘Check Updates’. This will cause Sure Step to see the list of languages available for download.  

STEP 1: Install Sure Step 2012

Before installing your first language pack, a full installation of Sure Step 2012 in English must be installed. Install Sure Step 2012 from the Download and Install Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step page.

If Sure Step 2.6 or earlier has been installed, you will first need to Uninstall both the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step program as well as any Language packs.

STEP 2: Install Content Layer for non-English languages

Select a Language Pack from the download options on the right and run the installer. Each file is ~300MB, so plan accordingly.


  1. If you installed the French or Spanish Language Pack from a release prior to April 2009, you must uninstall the existing language pack prior to installing the newest language pack.

  2. If you have Sure Step 2.6 installed with the Language Packs Update Fix, you will want to uninstall Sure Step and install the latest version of Sure Step 2010 prior to installing any of the language packs accessible from this page. Your existing projects from Sure Step 2.5 and 2.6 will not be impacted in this process and will be accessible with Sure Step 2012.

For additional installation information, see the User Guide.

If you have any questions visit the Dynamics Sure Step Partner Forum or the Sure Step Discussion groups.

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