Dynamics 365 Finance Electronic Reporting Examples

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The files on this page are intended for use with Electronic Reporting task recordings and procedures, to help you set up Electronic Reporting for your environment​.​​​​​​

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Electronic reporting (ER)

Download the files

Ti​​​​tle Filename.​ext
​Sample ER data model configuration

Performance improvement model.version.1.xml​​

​Sample ER model mapping configuration

Performance improvement mapping.version.1.1.xml

​Sample ER format configuration

Performance improvement format.version.1.1.xml​

​Questionnaires ER data model configuration

Questionnaires model.version.1.xml​

​Questionnaires ER model mapping configuration

Questionnaires mapping.version.1.1.xml

​Questionnaires ER format configuration

Questionnaires format.version.1.1.xml

​Questionnaires report template

Questionnaires report template.xslx​

ER data model configuration​​ 

Model to learn deferred elements.version.1.xml​

ER model mapping configurations

Mapping to learn deferred elements.version.1.1.xml

ER format configuration

Format to learn deferred XML elements.version.1.1.xml

ER format configuration

Format ​​to learn deferred sequences.version.1.1.xml​

​​Template of Payment Report
​​Template of Payment Report
Bounded Template of Payment Report SampleVendPaymDocReportBounded.docx
ER Data Model Configuration 1099mo​del.xml
ER Format Configuration 1099format.xml
Sample of the Incoming Document in XML Format 1099entries.xml
Sample of the Workbook to Manage Data of Incoming Document 1099entries.xlsx
ER Data Import/Export Details ER-data-import-and-export-details.xlsx
Intrastat model Intrastat (model).xml
Intrastat mapping Intrastat (mapping).xml
Intrastat format ​​Intrastat (format).xml
ER data model configuration EFSTAmodel.xml
ER format configuration EFSTAformat.xml
Web service response sample 1 Response1.xml
Web service response sample 2 Response2.xml
Web service response sample 3 Response3.xml
Web service response sample 4 Response4.xml
Sample Financial Dimensions Web Service Report SampleFinDimWsReport.xlsx
ER format configuration 1099formatcsv.xml
Sample of incoming file in .csv format 1099entriescsv.csv
Sample incoming message
Incoming file in.XLSX format - template
Incoming file in.XLSX format - sample data
Cross-company data access formatCrossCompanyDataAccessFormat.xml
Cross-company data access modelCrossCompanyDataAccessModel.xml
XML file splitting formatXmlFilesSplittingFormat.xml
XML file splitting modelXmlFilesSplittingModel.xml
Make reports in MS Office formats with embedded images 1 (SetupParameters)MakereportsMSOfficeformatsembedded
Make reports in MS Office formats with embedded images 2 (ReviewConfigurations)MakereportsMSOfficeformatsembedded
Make reports in MS Office formats with embedded images 3 (GenerateReports)MakereportsMSOfficeformatsembedded
Model for ChequesModelforcheques.xml
Cheque Template WordChequetemplateWord.docx
Cheques Printing FormatChequesprintingformat.xml
Signature imageSignatureimage.png
Signature image 2Signatureimage2.png
Company logoCompanylogo.png
Template for the first page of the reportIntrastatReportTemplate1.pdf
Template for other pages of the reportIntrastatReportTemplate2.pdf
Sample ER format - PDFIntrastatreportPDFversion1.1.xml
Sample ER format - ExcelIntrastatimportfromExcelversion1.​1.xml
Sample ER data model configuration​
Sample ER metadata configuration​
Sample ER model mapping configuration
Performancetracemappingversion 1.1.xml​
Sample ER format configuration
Sample dataset​
ER data model configuration​
​​Customer invoicing model.version.2.xml​
Free text invoice ER format configuration​​
Customer FTI report (GER).version.2.3.xml​
ER data model configuration ​
Model for cheques.version.10.xml​
Payment cheque ER format configuration​
Cheques printing format.version.10.9.xml
ER data model configuration​
Intrastat model.version.1.xml​
Intrastat control report ER format configuration​​
Intrastat report.version.1.9.xml ​​
Sample ER data model configuration​​
Model to learn parameterized calls.version.1.xml​​
Sample ER metadata configuration
Metadata to learn parameterized calls.version.1.xml​​
Sample ER model mapping configuration
Mapping to learn parameterized calls.version.1.1.xml ​​
Sample ER format configuration​​​
Format to learn parameterized calls.version.1.1.xml​​​
Sample ER format configuration
Format to learn JOIN data sources.version.1.1.xml​​​​
Sample ER model mapping
Mapping to learn JOIN data sources.version.1.1.xml​​​
Sample ER data model​​​
Model to learn JOIN data sources.version.1.xml​​​
​​​​​​ ​
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