Service Plan Online Renewal Process Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Business Strategy

What is the next step in Microsoft Business Solutions online initiatives?
There are multiple customer communications going online consecutively. Insights was our first initiative bringing newsletters and vital business information via email to your desktop. Today, we are moving forward with the Welcome Pack, Renewal Notice Invoice, Renewal Notice prompts and finally the Renewal Confirmation Pack which communicates to you and confirms for you the benefits of the plan you have just ordered.

Renewal Order Processing

How does the Contract Management System know which contracts to quote?
The Service Plan Online Renewal System will automatically provide a quote for you on the service plan that you are currently enrolled in. Additionally, the online system will provide you with additional service plan options for your organization to consider. This offers the flexibility to you of having multiple service plan options and the ability to choose the plan that best suite your organization’s changing needs.

For example, if you are enrolled in the Enhancement Program; the Service Plan Online System will list 1) Enhancement Program; 2) Standard A and 3) Standard B. When you are enrolled in the Standard A plan; the Service Plan Online Renewal System will provide a quote for 1) Standard A; 2) Standard B and 3) Premier Services, when available.

How do I place an order online?
Go to View Quotes>>Select the appropriate service plan you would like to enroll in and select >> Place an Order. Text in each of the screens will aid you in the process of placing your service plan renewal online.

How long does the quote remain in the viewing area?
The quotes for the service plan renewal options remain available until your anniversary date of your service plan.

Why would a quote for a renewal appear in My Messages area and then not be available when it is time to place the order?
A quote is inactivated when you add on to your solution by purchasing a module, a component or additional users, etc. Your renewal quotes now become invalid and are inactivated. Please contact mbsgpss@Microsoft.com to create an updated quote for your organization. You are subject to re-enrollment pricing if you decide not to renew on a service plan by your anniversary date.

An order has been placed for my service contract. Why are there quotes still visible to me?
The quotes for you will remain available until your order has cleared the Microsoft Business Solutions invoicing process. The application will not allow you to mistakenly place multiple orders for yourself.

I’m a Canadian customer. Why don't I see MasterCard as a Credit Card Type option?
We do accept payment using Visa or American Express. MasterCard is not accepted for Canadian orders.

Will I receive a confirmation or a receipt of my order?
Yes. Renewal Confirmations are delivered online to you. The information provides your company’s CustomerSource id and password, anniversary date, product line, number of support incidents, when available, and Online training access codes. A separate communication containing your sales tax information is also delivered for proper filing.


Tell me more about the System List Price Protection benefit.
This new benefit, System List Price Protection, offers unmatched value because it protects your investment by storing the lower of two prices for your renewal notice invoice.

To ensure current customers receive the best service program pricing possible and incorporate the system list price decreases, we will compare the historical system list price to the current system list price and create the renewal notice invoice that reflects the lower of the two amounts. This lower amount will be stored as your base price for future service renewals.

New customers will enjoy the ability to budget for their service plan renewals based on the system list price at the time of the purchase which will be stored in their customer record.

If a special offer is made and the component or module is discounted, what price is used to calculate the Enhancement Program or Support Plan?
The service plan calculations are taken from the current system list price, not the discounted price of the component, module or user.

What is done if my service plan has lapsed?
If your service plan lapses and you do not renew, you are subject to re-enrollment pricing. When the service plan has been expired for 1-90 days, the Enhancement Program renewal amount is 25% of the current system list price. When the service plan has been expired for 91-365 days, the Enhancement Program renewal amount is 30% and 1 year and beyond, the renewal amount is 35%.

You may also renew on the Standard A plan which follows the same principle; 1-90 days would be at 27%; 91-365 days at 32% and when the account is past due by a year, the price to renew on Standard A is 37%.

Do you have a grace period on renewals?
No. The service plan renewal is due on the anniversary date of the service program.

I have a support coupon, how would this be applied?
The service plan online renewal system does not support the use of support coupons. This will be a feature in a future release. Please contact mbsgpss@Microsoft.com to place your order.

Tax Questions

What sales tax if any will customers see on the renewal?
If the Enhancement Program renewal and/ or support plan is/are taxable in your locale, which is determined by your zip/postal code, tax rates will be used to compute use tax on the renewal. Please note: a majority of the states have matching sales and use tax rates. Sometimes, use tax rates are lower than sales tax rates. If such distinction is applicable to your location, use tax (and not sales tax) rate will be used to compute renewal’s tax amount (with the exception of ND).

Why do we quote use tax rates?
Microsoft Business Solutions has established sales tax nexus only in the state on ND; thus, by law, we are required to quote use tax rates (and not equal to or higher sales tax rates) when customers come to us and settle the renewal payment with Microsoft.

Do I contact my state government for a sales tax license?
Yes. Some cities and counties, though, also require businesses to have city/county licenses. Please note – not all cities and counties. So, the customer may, potentially, have one or two or even more (if the city is located in multiple counties, like Denver CO) licenses hanging on the wall of their legal business location.

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